Clifford Waldemar Jacobson

Born January 22, 1920, Bessemer, Michigan.
Died December 19, 1996, Chino, California.

Eulogy Presented at Immanuel Lutheran Church on Monday, December 23, 1996

Clifford is remembered as a loving Husband, Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather, Brother, and Friend. He shared his love of life with many people, always willing to offer a helping hand. Whatever the job, whenever the work was needed, and whomever asked for his help, he would offer his special skills and get the job done. He put his all into everything that he did. Clifford was a hard worker. He gifted many with his strength and endurance. He had a great mind and imagination and solved problems using the resources that were around him. Clifford had an endearing sense of humor all the while. He was a happy man and he shared his love in many, many ways.

Some words that his family and friends have used to describe him are most revealing of his character.

Hard working; Teller of stories; Carpenter; Clifford was Clever; Dependable; Reliable; Good Provider; always Good humored and in fact sometimes down right funny; He was a Good Sport; He was Loving; Caring; always willing to share of his time and of himself; He was Happy to be to be alive.

He taught us to be happy people and to appreciate the beauty of nature. He taught us the importance of knowing our individual purpose for living. He was extraordinarily skilled in the use of tools, in the use of his hands, and generous in sharing the gift of his incredible imagination.

He taught us to be thankful for all that we have in our lives and not be stressed by what we didn’t have. Growing up on a farm in Bessemer Michigan, Clifford knew old fashioned survival skills. How to grow and gather food, how to build and maintain shelter, how to live in harmony with nature. He was thankful for the gifts of nature:

A favorite was the birch tree and like the tree that gives life support, he too knew the importance of giving and being part of God’s grand plan.

He was thankful for the meadow lark and it’s songs… he too always had a song to sing

He was thankful for the berry plants and would tell stories about gathering them in the wooded areas in Michigan. He, like the berries, gave and shared in abundance.

He was especially thankful for animals. The deer was a favorite, it’s gentleness reminds us of Clifford.

He also loved the bear and he shared with us the strength of a bear.

He was grateful for his Faith, Friends, and Family.

He taught us to always have hope. No matter what the situation he had the unique ability and will power to be optimistic. Job downsizing, broken cars, broken heaters, broken washing machines, broken hearts or broken spirits…

He would always say “Well, there was a reason for this happening — the experience will help you become something better.” No obstacle came between Clifford and Hope. The word despair was not in his vocabulary. Clifford was not one to give up. His faith in God, Family and Friends was unwavering.

He taught his children the importance of setting goals. Clifford set many goals in his life and he learned many things. In his youth he learned to grow potatoes, how to churn butter, how to work with machines, how to work with wood. His Granddaughter said on the day of his passing, “I bet there is a woodworking class today in heaven. I’m certain of who is teaching the class! “

He was a soldier and a World War II veteran. He traveled to France and England. He would tell with joy of the times that he would give candy to the women and children that had little. He learned to be a good soldier and he was proud to have served his country.

After the war he learned to be a diesel mechanic. But on completion he chose a different career path. He learned to be a tool and dye maker. He loved learning new things. He learned to work with electricity from his friend Forrest.

He learned masonry… many concrete patios and block walls were built with pride… this was his second job, working evenings and on weekends, following his work for the Chino School District.

Clifford’s spirit will be with us always. Our world is happier, more joyful and a better place because of him.

He leaves us with great and extraordinary gifts. The gifts of Faith, Love, Understanding and Generosity. We are all very privileged and blessed by having known him.

What a Great Man!

Jacobson Family, Bessemer, Michigan

 A Family Portrait | Victor Jacobson – Clifford’s Father 

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